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Installment 3

13 March 2020

Common Sunbird-Asity is a member of the small endemic asity family, with only four members. Two including this one are nectarivores, and two are frugivores.

Today was an eventful day locally. The first case in my town was confirmed, and that person is now being treated at a clinic that is 150m from my house. We also noticed that this clinic has set up a separate entrance for potential covid cases to enter the campus - a good idea. This is starting to hit close to home for me, but this news hasn't made a major impression on most of my fellow townspeople, who are crowding into street markets, and jumping into tuk-tuk taxis with three people in a narrow row. For some of them I imagine it's hard to understand the threat of a virus when simply getting enough money to buy food for the next day is a pressing concern. Will we pay the price for this combination of poverty and negligence? Remains to be seen, but it seems increasingly likely.

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