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Installment 22

10 August 2020

Boettger's Chameleon is endemic to the northern sixth of Madagascar, including the mountains near where I live. It's on the small-medium end of the chameleon size scale, and the large-enormous end of the chameleon rostral protuberance size scale!

Madagascar has just cracked 13,000 cases, yet the borders remain closed, with all international flights grounded. I don't want to become embroiled in covid-infected political debates, but I will say that the approach in many developing countries is hard for me to understand. Sure, it makes sense to close the borders when you have zero cases and Europe has 10s of 1000s. But when there are 1000s of cases within your country, what is the threat of reopening flights, carefully monitoring arriving passengers, and trying to keep your tourist sector alive? It IS a tricky situation, and I don't envy those making these decisions.

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