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Ken's Photo Tips

For a long while, I've thought of sharing occasional photography and Photoshop advice, so here it goes. First a little background: I have been doing wildlife photography for more than 10 years. Believe me, after a decade of doing this, I still make heaps of mistakes, and find lots of room for improvement. Along the way, one thing I have found surprising is how little and sometimes counter-intuitive things can make a big difference in the quality of my photos. Some are things to keep in mind while shooting, while others apply to post-processing (digital editing). Some of these tips might seem basic to seasoned photographers, but I'm amazed by how often they're new to people that I guide on birding or even photography tours. Hopefully these posts will be entertaining for anyone who takes pictures, which is virtually everyone on the planet these days!

Photo Tips 1.2.jpg
Photo Tips 2.5.jpg
Photo Tips 3.jpg
Photo Tips 4.2.jpg
Photo Tips 5.jpg
Photo Tips 6.2.jpg
Photo Tips 7.jpg
Photo Tips 8.jpg
Photo Tips 9.2.jpg
Photos Tips 9.1.jpg
Rufous-tailed Weaver_fb.jpg
Crab Plover (5)_fb.jpg
Northern Giant Mouse-Lemur_fb.jpg
Cape Rockjumper_fb.jpg
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