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WATCH THE FEET! This is something that I learned while creating photographic field guides: a photo that shows a bird’s feet will almost always beat one that doesn’t. This is obviously relevant to field guides, where you want to show as much of the bird as possible. But I have found that it holds true for virtually all bird photos. Check out these four pics from Sri Lanka. I think that the best is the Sri Lankan Junglefowl. Why? Mainly because you can clearly see its feet. This is something that your eye unconsciously wants. Photos like the other three, where the feet are hidden or obscured, aren’t bad, but just aren’t as pleasing.

Eye to eye with a Lesser Yellowlegs. Everything is a blur except the bird and a tiny strip of the water at its feet.

Photo Tips 6.3.jpg

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Photo Tips 6.2.jpg

Sri Lankan Junglefowl

Aaah, clean view of the feet:

Photo Tips 6.1.jpg

White-breasted Waterhen

Photo Tips 6.4.jpg

Yellow-wattled Lapwing

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