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Improve your birding, photography, and travel skills with some of the best people in the business. All of our instructors are lifelong natural history lovers, with many decades of combined experience in global travel, birding, and photography. We make learning fun and easy, with webinars that are richly illustrated, and light-hearted yet heavy-hitting when it comes to the essential skills. 

Use the extra time afforded all of us by the current pandemic to improve your skills, to make the most of your future time in the field. 

To purchase a course, click on the PayPal link, and sent payment to the instructor. They will send you a direct download link for the course. Once you have downloaded all of its modules, you can keep it forever, and do not need internet to view it. We just ask that you don't share it with other folks who have not paid. Please note that the prices below do not include transfer or conversion fees.

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