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Installment 28

23 April 2021

Campan's Chameleon, or Furcifer campani, is one of a small suite of chameleons that are endemic to the highlands of Madagascar.

A bit more about my personal experience with covid. I felt undeniably sick for a day, then knew it was covid when I lost all smell and much taste. That's a relatively mild symptom that is surprisingly disturbing, especially as it's uncertain whether and how quickly it will come back. For five days, I had aching muscles, a low fever, especially first thing in the morning, was generally fatigued, and had a weird feeling of visceral unwellness that exceeded that of a typical flu. After a week I felt much better and tried a moderate bodyweight workout, which was a mistake, and resulted in my feeling really bad for 24 hours. After two weeks I was close to feeling normal, and was able to exercise again. But until now, six weeks after developing systems, I still feel weird effects of this virus jangling around my system. I have occasional bouts of shortness of breath and dizziness, and sometimes an undefined feeling of malaise. Considering that I battled this virus from a position of being relatively young, and very healthy, I was easily able to imagine its terrible effects on older, and/or less fit and fortunate folks. It is a weird bug, unlike any other sickness I have experienced. Despite having only had a very mild case, I'd strongly recommend that people who haven't had it do whatever they can to keep it that way!

On my next post I'll talk more about the overall Madagascar situation at the moment which is.... not good.

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