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Installment 4

4 April 2020

Long-tailed Ground-Roller is the only member of the small endemic ground-roller family that is found in the southwestern Spiny Forest.

Things are still moving slowly here, at least officially, with only 70 confirmed cases. But this virus still raises a terrible specter in Madagascar. The capital of Antananarivo is the most concerning place. There are millions of people there, and 70% or more are in dire poverty. Most of these folks live in shantytowns that are far too flimsy to prevent the transmission of the virus. Plus, the majority live day-to-day, and will have nothing to eat after a day or a couple days without work. These folks feel betrayed by their society, and especially the rich folks holding the reigns, at the best of times. Imagine what sort of anger might be unleashed if thousands of people start to be sick, and order begins to break down. If you want to know a bit more of how the virus looks from a 3rd world perspective, check out this article:
It's about Nigeria, but applies equally to Madagascar.

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